Health Record Management for


Sentry MD eliminates paperwork, reduces administrative costs, increases compliance, and enhances safety for members and clinical sites

We keep your medical records safe and secure.

We understand that preserving privacy is a top concern with your medical records. Sentry MD systems and procedures keep student health information confidential, secure, and are compliant with State and Federal privacy regulations.

We take care of the administrative work for you.

Unlike other medical record companies, Sentry MD is a full service solution, not just a technology company. We handle all of the documentation, do the electronic filing and data entry and track compliance.

We increase safety in the workplace.

If a student is ill or injured when the infirmary or health center is closed or when students are away from campus, Sentry MD professionals are available 24/7 to release critical health information to treating physicians. Authorized school personnel including nurses, administrators, trainers, coaches and supervisors simply call Sentry MD’s toll-free emergency number-anytime day or night.