Health Record Management

"In the development of a new graduate level physician assistant program, Keiser University knew that maintaining up-to-date student health records would be an ongoing process necessary to keep students in both the classroom and the clinical environment. Sentry MD took on this responsibility so that faculty and staff could then focus on their primary objective – education. Sentry MD has been an efficient and reliable service for our university and the program hopes to continue to utilize their services in the years to come."

Dr. Helen Martin Keiser University - Program Director


For Colleges and Universities

Summary of Services Provided

At Sentry MD, our purpose is to eliminate the burden of processing student health forms on campus.

There are two primary ways we can help:

  1. Receive, store and track student health and immunization records for compliance with your
    school’s requirements.
  2. Store vital medical information for release to a health care provider in a medical emergency or as needed for clinical rotations.

Compliance With School Requirements

Student health and immunization records are sent directly to Sentry MD. We process the information, store the records on secure servers, compile the information according to your school’s requirements and provide reports on non-compliant students.


Release Of Medical Information

Confidentiality Statement
The confidentiality of students’ health information is of primary importance to Sentry MD. We have implemented measures in all facets of our program to protect this information.

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