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Authorization Release of Records 

Becoming a member of Sentry MD:

As a previous student, we want you to know that we can continue to assist you.  After all, updating and maintaining your health records does not end when you graduate or change programs! As you pursue a career or more schooling in the medical field, almost all facilities will require an updated copy of your medical records. You may continue to rely on us to advise you on immunization requirements, make sure your records are properly organized and provide access to you and the health facilities you designate at any time. To become a member of Sentry MD, the membership fee is $20.00 annually. Otherwise, there is a one-time fee of $25.00 each time a copy of your records is needed.   Below, please select either the membership or one-time fee option and make a payment via PayPal.  Please understand that if you select the membership option, you may cancel at any time by emailing or faxing a cancellation request.


What we offer:

Sentry MD Annual Membership- $20 per year

Please feel free to email us with any questions at